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Tokyo AI Festival Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Companies, organizations, etc. (hereinafter referred to as ``exhibitors'') exhibiting at the Tokyo AI Festival (hereinafter referred to as ``this event'') shall comply with the terms and conditions stipulated in these exhibition regulations (hereinafter referred to as ``these terms and conditions''). Exhibitors shall exhibit in accordance with the specified conditions. The term "organizer" in these Terms of Use refers to CryptoAI Co., Ltd.


Article 1 (Exhibition application method and contract establishment conditions)

① Exhibitors must visit the official website operated by the organizer (Please apply using the "Booth Exhibition" form on Please note that the applicant must be a person who has the authority to perform the relevant work at the company/organization applying for the exhibition reservation.

② After receiving the "Exhibition Reservation Application Form," the organizer will check the information and, after determining that there are no problems, will conduct a review to determine whether or not the exhibitor can exhibit (the details of the review will not be disclosed). Upon passing the screening, the exhibitor applicant will be notified of acceptance via email. The "exhibition reservation" will be established on the day the organizer notifies the exhibitor by email of acceptance (hereinafter referred to as the "reference date").

③ If the organizer determines, as a result of the screening (the details of the screening will not be disclosed), that it is not suitable for the purpose of the event, the organizer may decline the application at its sole discretion.

④ For supporting exhibitors who set up a booth after being approached by the organizer, the "Exhibition Reservation Form" will be processed once both the organizer and the exhibitor have signed the Sponsorship Agreement, which will be issued separately by the organizer, instead of the "Reservation Application Form." ” holds true.


Article 2 (Claim and payment of booth fee)

① If an "exhibition reservation" is established pursuant to Article 1, the exhibitor applicant shall pay by the method specified on the invoice issued by the organizer. All expenses required for remittance, including transfer fees, will be borne by the exhibitor applicant.

② If payment is made by the exhibitor applicant, an "exhibition contract" will be established upon confirmation of the payment, and the exhibitor applicant will be able to exercise his or her rights as an "exhibitor."

③ If the Exhibitor Applicant does not make the payment as stated in Paragraph 1 above by the payment deadline attached to the invoice, the Organizer may consider that the "Exhibition Reservation" has been cancelled.


Article 3 (Cancellation of Exhibition Contract and Cancellation Fee)

① Once the "Exhibition Contract" has been established, cancellation of the "Exhibition Contract" or reduction of the number of booths at the exhibitor's request will not, in principle, be permitted.

②Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if an exhibitor wishes to cancel the "Exhibition Contract" or reduce the number of booths due to unavoidable reasons, the exhibitor shall notify the organizer of the cancellation application by letter or email specifying the reason etc. Alternatively, we will send a notice of application for reducing the number of booths. If the organizer accepts cancellation of the "Exhibition Contract" or reduction in the number of booths, the exhibitor will be required to pay the following cancellation fee or partial cancellation according to the period from the date of request for cancellation or reduction in the number of booths to the first day of the event. The "Exhibition Contract" or any part thereof may be canceled on the condition that the Exhibitor Fee (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Cancellation Fee") is paid to the Organizer by the date determined by the Organizer.

  1. If you cancel part or all of your booth after an "exhibition contract" is established, 100% of the requested booth fee will be charged as a cancellation fee if the application date is on or after the next day three months before the first day of the event, regardless of whether payment is made or not. I will accept your request. Additionally, if there is more than 3 months between the application date and the first day of the event, 20% of the applied booth fee will be charged as a cancellation fee.

  2. If an exhibitor does not begin using their booth by 10:00 a.m. on the day of the event, the exhibitor will be deemed to have canceled their exhibit and will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the applied booth fee.

  3. If the exhibitor has already paid all or part of the booth fee to the organizer at the time the exhibitor gives notice of cancellation pursuant to the preceding paragraph or the exhibitor is deemed to have canceled the exhibition. If there is a cancellation fee set forth in each of the preceding paragraphs, the cancellation fee specified in each of the preceding paragraphs shall be appropriated from the paid booth fee, and if there is any remaining amount after appropriation, the organizer will transfer the cancellation fee to the exhibitor in accordance with the method and deadline determined by the organizer. shall be refunded.


Article 4 (Exhibitor booth fee)

Exhibitor booth fees will be as stated in the "Exhibitor Information" separately posted on the organizer's official website.


Article 5 (Determination of booth location)

The organizer will decide the booth location.


Article 6 (Prohibited matters)

① Exhibitors may not sublet, buy, sell, transfer, exchange, or license part or all of their exhibition booth to other exhibitors or third parties.

② We do not allow exhibitors to exhibit their main products or hold seminars at a location other than the main event venue for the purpose of directing visitors to the main event to the other venue.

③Spot sales of exhibits, including publications and software products, at the event venue are prohibited. However, this does not apply to applications for which permission has been obtained from the organizer in advance.

④ Exhibits (including all people and works) must not violate public order and morals.

⑤ Displaying adult content that is prohibited for viewing by those under 18 years of age is prohibited.

⑥ If the organizer determines that any exhibits, events, lectures, etc. carried out by exhibitors in connection with this event fall under the following nuisance acts, we will not be able to respond to inquiries in advance or on the day of the event. We request that such actions be improved. If you do not comply, we may ask you to immediately stop the activity or withdraw all exhibitions, events, and lectures. Exhibitors shall not be able to make any claims against the organizer for refund of expenses resulting from the measures of "improvement," "immediate cancellation," and "immediate withdrawal." In the event that the organizer incurs costs for implementing these measures, exhibitors will be obligated to refund the full amount of those costs to the organizer.

  1. If the use of the aisle outside the booth (for attracting visitors, conducting questionnaires, etc.) causes significant inconvenience to other exhibitors or visitors.

  2. Distribution of printed materials, etc. outside of your company's booth in the venue aisles and public places is prohibited.

  3. When the volume of speakers, etc. causes a nuisance to other exhibitors or visitors. In addition, when causing a nuisance to other exhibitors or visitors due to light, heat, gas, odor, vibration, smoke, etc.

  4. In the case of exhibitions/acts that are significantly lacking in dignity in light of social norms

  5. If the exhibition/act is contrary to public order and morals

  6. If there is an exhibition of adult content that is prohibited for viewing by those under 18 years of age

  7. Exhibitors whose main purpose is to collect "personal information" from visitors without exhibiting their own products or promoting sales of products and services in their own booths are prohibited.


Article 7 (Handling of joint exhibition)

If two or more companies/organizations jointly apply to exhibit, one of the companies/organizations acting as the representative (hereinafter referred to as the "Representative Exhibitor") will apply and provide the joint exhibitor's name and contact information. The organizer will be notified separately regarding the destination. Please note that the organizer will only send communications and visitor information materials to representative exhibitors.


Article 8 (Installation, booth decoration, and removal of exhibits, etc.)

This event venue is not a bonded exhibition hall. When bringing in exhibits from overseas, it is the exhibitor's responsibility to complete all customs procedures in advance. Exhibitors are responsible for handling music copyrights and other copyrights related to exhibits. Exhibitors are responsible for allowing exhibitors and visitors to photograph, record, record, etc. their exhibits. Exhibitors are also responsible for obtaining permission for the press to photograph, record, and use their exhibits and artists for secondary use. The organizer will take photographs of the venue, exhibitor booths, etc. during the exhibition period in order to record the event, but the organizer retains the rights to the footage.

① Exhibits will be transported and installed at the venue during a period separately notified by the organizer. However, the installation of exhibits in the booth must be completed by the day before the first day of the event. Furthermore, if an exhibitor does not occupy their booth by 10:00 on the first day of the event, the organizer will consider the "exhibition contract" to have been cancelled. (Cancellation fee billing applied)

②Please decorate your booth according to the rules in the exhibitor manual sent by the organizer. For low space booths, a decoration company will be designated by the secretariat.

③Decorations that violate the rules of the exhibitor manual may be removed.

④Exhibitors must obtain approval from the organizer before carrying in, carrying out, or moving exhibits, etc. during the exhibition period. During the period, exhibits may not be brought in, taken out, removed, or moved without the approval of the organizer. In addition, exhibitors must comply with venue usage regulations, disaster prevention guidelines, fire protection laws, etc. when carrying in, out, exhibiting, and decorating. Exhibitors are responsible for restoring standard decorations installed in standard booths to their original condition if they are damaged or lost. However, this does not apply to damage or loss caused by causes deemed by the organizer to be force majeure such as natural disasters.

⑤ Please complete removing exhibits and decorations from the booth within the period notified by the organizer. Items that are not removed by that time will be removed by the organizer at the expense and risk of the exhibitor.
In addition to the above, the installation and removal of exhibits, etc. must comply with the provisions of the Exhibitor Manual.

⑥According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Fire Prevention Ordinance, smoking outside of designated areas, using open flames, bringing in hazardous materials, and placing objects near walkways, emergency exits, indoor fire hydrants, and the use of fire extinguishers are prohibited within the event venue. This is prohibited.


Article 9 (Compensation for damages)

① The organizer is not responsible for any injury or damage to people, goods, or facilities caused by exhibitors and their employees or agents using or occupying the booth, regardless of the reason. not. Exhibitors guarantee to the organizer that they will use their booths safely at their own risk, and in the event of an accident, they will be liable for all damages. Additionally, in the event of an accident, you must immediately report it to the organizer.

② During the event, the organizer will always pay the utmost attention to the management, safety and security of the event and exhibits, but there is no risk of theft, loss or damage of exhibits, fires, human disasters within exhibitor booths, etc. We are not responsible for compensation for damages in the event of a disaster. Therefore, exhibitors must make every effort to prevent accidents from the time they begin transporting their exhibits to the venue until their removal, and take out liability insurance for items deemed necessary to protect against theft of exhibits and materials, accidental fires, etc. It is your responsibility to take all possible precautions. Please be especially careful during loading and unloading, as there is a risk of theft or loss.

③ Only in the event that the organizer cancels the event due to reasons for which it is responsible, the organizer will provide the exhibitor with a pro-rata calculation based on the number of remaining exhibition days for the exhibitor's inability to use the booth. We will refund the booth fee incurred, but this will be the entire compensation. The organizer is not responsible for any damage caused to exhibitors due to unforeseen circumstances such as damage caused by direct or indirect natural disasters, orders or instructions from the national or local governments, or other force majeure events. not.


Article 10 (Postponement/Cancellation of Events)

① If the organizer determines that it is difficult or impossible to hold the event due to a natural disaster or other force majeure event, the organizer may decide to postpone or cancel the event.

②Even if the organizer postpones or cancels the event pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the organizer will not refund any booth fees to exhibitors.


Article 11 (Cancellation)

① If an exhibitor falls under any of the following items, the organizer may immediately cancel the "exhibition contract" without any notice or demand and without paying any compensation to the exhibitor. Masu.

  1. When a property or rights owned is subject to seizure, provisional seizure, provisional disposition, application for auction, or disposition of delinquent taxes and public dues. However, this excludes cases where the person is seized or provisionally seized as a third-party debtor.

  2. When payment is suspended or becomes insolvent

  3. When receiving an order from a regulatory agency to cancel or suspend business, etc.

  4. If the organizer determines that the exhibitor or the exhibit scheduled to be exhibited is not suitable for the purpose of holding this event or the exhibit target, or for any other civil, criminal, or administrative law related to the social trust of the exhibitor. The organizer deems that it is socially inappropriate for exhibitors to exhibit at this event due to concerns over such issues and it is recognized that illegal, unjust, criminal, or other acts have occurred or are likely to occur. When a person makes a judgment

  5. In addition to the cases mentioned in the preceding items, if the Exhibitor violates all or part of these Terms or the Exhibition Manual, etc., and the defect is not cured within a reasonable period specified by the Organizer, despite a demand from the Organizer. time

② If the organizer cancels the "Exhibition Contract" based on this article, the organizer shall not be prevented from demanding compensation for cancellation fees and other damages from the exhibitor pursuant to the provisions of Article 3.


Article 12 Governing law and agreed jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions and the "Exhibition Contract" shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and the court of first instance for any lawsuit based on these shall be the district court that has jurisdiction over the location of the organizer's head office.


Article 13 Event management and liability

Organizers can set and modify various rules, etc. in order to run their business smoothly. Additionally, new agreements and various additions and changes may be made regarding matters not stated in these exhibition regulations. The organizer may cancel the event due to natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances. In that case, we will not compensate for the exhibition fees already paid, the expenses required for exhibiting, and any damages caused by the cancellation. The organizer may change the event period and opening time due to unavoidable circumstances. Exhibitor applications cannot be canceled based on this change. Furthermore, we will not compensate for any damage caused by this.


Article 14 Exhibitor Regulations and Approval of Exhibition Regulations

All exhibitors must approve and comply with these exhibition regulations, the Exhibitor Manual, and the rules established and notified to exhibitors by the organizer.
These exhibitor regulations may be changed or modified in the future. Please check the official website for the latest version when applying for exhibition.

Organizer: CryptoAI Co., Ltd. (

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